27 June 2012

crystal clear ;D

that's what i need in making the best friendship in the world

well...we always having the best moment.....many times...until we could not imagine how good we are before...
we always making all of us laughing when one of us creating a joke,,,although we knew that it was a stupid one, we still laugh at it
because, we know that we need each other through more or less..

one thing for sure...i miss those moments..

when it comes to the awkward things,, we all keep silent and looking each other and laugh again ;D
hahahahha...that's what we are before

now....on 26/06/2012

we all separated
it's all turned up side down..
its seems like we never know each other in the pass

the different things now is,,, we are silently being fake and trying to move on like we normally does before....long time ago
we try to give a fake shake
we act like a fake clowns
and we try to create a fake smile in front of each other

why it should be like that???

it is because we know something and we hide it
or it is because we heard something bad about someone inside our small group @ a box and keep saying that, "it was nothing actually"...
or it is because we felt jealousy to someone in the box and pretend that, "its ok, no offense"

we did something right and we also did something wrong...
we share everything before...
we might being the best besties in the world by saying that, "we can live together as ONE!"

but...its a fucking embarrassing bullshit statement..
we should not saying that unless, we all must noticed about the meaning of the friendship among us

should you and i noticed that from the beginning or not???

the first thing you should do is 'talk'
whatever it is
whenever it held
we must talk...

you tell the truth
i will tell the truth
you hide it....me also hide it from you..

the truth is everything...
the truth will convert to the solution that we all need..

tonight,,, i let my ego down and planning to have that important conversation with all of us,,
but,,,what happend???
try to runaway and making things longer....heavier....more complicated and better stupid bloody motherfucker problems when we meet those eyes and faces

yaaa...i know..all of you guys reading this..
but please...we need a solution..not a problem anymore..

face it....talk about it...let all be as clear as crystal..
that's what a friend in need does and in deed do...

i love all of us...whether we all ms-communicate or fights for nothing
we are not at war...
cause we are "friends" forever...

for you....and you and you again,, so do you...
do not let those secrets inside..
do not let others talked about how stupid we are
and do not let us teared apart by not telling the truth and stuffs

ask first,,,,interpret the problems...let each other talk and find THE solution to feel the same best moments and times as before...
that's what we need

just to be clear...every single thing you and you and you did its really freaking annoying and better yet, its disgust me every time i think about it

cause its all fake and fake and you, you,you,you and you are truly best fakers in the entire universe

what i need is a clear explanation, words, contents, confessions and feelings to make this relationship lasting

last but not least.....
im not be able to seeing you guys within these days,, cause have a lot to do...
and i always love "you", the ONE that i need to talk with about everything that you hide from me and our friend...
YOU,,, please,,,let us know what you hide and what you keep away from us...

be kind not cruel

noticed this friend,,, i rather keeping you forever than losing you in a blink of and eye ;D


13 June 2012

missing my heart and souls....who wants to fill it back???

you? or you right there sitting in front of my pinky bloggie??...

can you be with me as a friend? of course yes right.. why not...

but,,who want to fill my heart this time?...

you know what..its hard to fill a broken heart ..
there were some girls tries to fill in me...
tries to persuade me with all the flowery, magically, extraordinary and beautiful words..
but they can't... im sure they can't..

once and for all...i made up my mind..
im really want to be single...
as long as i could be
as much as i could see
and as far as i could possibly walking alone by myself..

lat thing i do is to love you
yes! last thing i do too is to leaving you!..for sure im doing it right now
last thing i remember i was beaten by you on this one florescent(just came out from my head..haha) evening..
you beat me like im no longer yours..
you beat me like you never regret and repent..
you beat me cause you never tried to control your anger and temper!
for God sake!!! you blew it!....!!!!

she, Z, try to persuade me with all her hearts
promise to not let me down..
encourage me that, i am good enough and beautiful enough for her
cares for me like im the Queen
let me notice that she always keep her eyes on me while im sitting and walking around her
but,, you know what Z,,
you just met me about 2 days, alright?
only 2 days, all the sudden, you promised everything to me
that is not what i ask for
and that is not what i want in a relationship
you are 34yrs...you must be matured
right after i rejected your proposal...
you are not only tried to avoid me,,,but you are also avoiding them????
what the hell are you think you're doing dear???.....
such a *&^%#^7*

the Z person are not only a friend of mine, but an enemy =)
im not the one who started.. she's doing it and she needs to be calm without letting us know that you still want us to be around you...
fuck you bitch!
i meant it for you "psycho"

next, she, F..
she was introduced by my friends, A and J...and also M,,,
they knew my sadness and losing grip situation...
and they want me to find a new one,,
new best one...
the F person, most likely look a like Wahid senario...
and she is 24yrs..
and she is nice and warm person..
quite shy and most of all, she worked as RELA at JPAM...huhuh
at first, i want to her to be my scandal..but,,,i thought about something...
im not ready yet so...i introduced her to one of my ladies friends, X.
and F likes her and now they are getting together as couple after know about 1 day and a half through the phone.. =.=''

what is the best thing i will do right now?
although i want you, the one that i hoped for and the one that i chased for this semester,,,
i know you wont be back to me...with the "Just Go" songs and lyrics,
im sure that you have found the one....a new girl perhaps  ;)

ok, last but not least
at least you know what i felt right now
cause all the typing stuffs that had been written in my blog
they all came through my little heart,,,deep inside...

so long and goodbye


07 June 2012

three dots ( . . . )

the more time i spend with my friends at OldTown... the more i knew and recognize the way they acts, the way they talk,, how sincere they are and how bad they were  =(

we all acting like a family...
family never care less
they even care more about others...
i love them
although we are not in a different shoes and different races...
but we are still have one heart =)


29 May 2012

Heart saying "Yes, Im now is SINGLE"

i dont know why i need to be in this situation...
its too complicated and hurts my hearts so much...
it took me fifteen minutes to write another paragraph...
am i too bad???
am i too cautious about my relationship???
or....am i too weak to be love again???
sort of....
by then... i announced that i am SINGLE....again...  ;)

well...its a two years of relationship
there are so many things happens through the year
sadness...happiness...lonely...passion..love??...miss...hurts...instincts...soo much darl
that's what i called, LOVE...

Love is a very subjective
either by the meaning or the shapes that everyone could designed


i failed to do that...
after two years...im losing the shapes and meaning of LOVE..

you know what.....it took me five minutes to write that "instinct" word...
its hard for me to remember such things....

yes... i met her....i ask her to take care of my heart...
yes, she accepted...
she really take a good care of me...
she was so sweet and nice partner for me...
we try our relationship for the first three months..
we both agreed if we can not get through these three months...we are finished
but...we succeed!!!


i stop here first cause im not in the mood to say much about my breaking up stuffs..


28 May 2012

typhoid~~~ and wrong orders!!

today's work is just as same as yesterday...

like shite!!!

always getting wrong with those orders .....

BT 05 is for breads and toast...

B 05 is for breakfast set....

its sucks!!!!

hurmmmm~~~~ im too distract by personal problems this morning...

at 1130.. Sai asked me to go to get my typhoid injection...

at DBKL maluri...

it took my rm21...and yet,,still feel 'lenguh' right now...hahaha..my left hand..huhuhu

they said that,, if we get this injection....we will not get affected by dengue aand any other hard diseases..

good for me lorrrhh....

one injection can be lasting for 3 years...soo...my date is from 28th May 2012 until 28th May 2015 =)

i cried...no,,its not about the injection but,,

let me tell you a bit about what had happen today...i mistook the order about five times...
the BT an B order.....they wrote B 05..i key in BT 05....shut..!!!
it have so much differences when B is only a sinlge french toast adn BT is a set of meals..  =(

after mr.Sai said that i have ordered wrongly,,, i got into one big problem...
arguing with four chinese bullshit customers...
that time i did not realize that i have key in the wrong code...
so, when i send the French toast,,, they said, 'eh,we are not order this one maa...its soo slow maaa...late already maaa...'
then Sai came in and ask politely to them...
yes! i heard they said about 'extra butter'... i thought its really for the French toast...
then i interpret to the converstion and said, 'i heard you say that you want extra butter maaa.....i heard it...i write it on the paper' i said slowly..
then they suddenly scream at me, 'hey you!!! i got four witnesses ...ask them laaa what i say maaa...dont try to make your own words..!!!! '

then i stepped away and cried at the cashier box....me is really weak that time..........................

i suddenly mixed up my job's problem and my love life problems.....
i run to the ladies and cried soo much until my tears dried...

fucked up!!!
shut up!!!


yeahh~~~ i know...its my fault...=(

then,,, the seventh order,, they wrote on the paper...'kopi o' 'cold'...
i dont know the code and Sai and others are busy with their things...
so i just click one of the drink in that system...
my heart felt wrong..maybe i did it again...

yes!!!! i did it!!!

i accidently order kopi ice....shite again!!!!

i ask Sai to take my money and i pay for the new wrong order....he laughed at me..
i gave him rm20..and ask him to keep the balance...but he refused and give me back the money...
sooo nice laaa...  =D
(^_^)v thanks SAI!!!! haha

well then,,,,,about me now...
IM SINGLE......totally i am... =D

cant wait to face another 'Single World'!

so then,,, bubuy


24 May 2012

1st hectic day at the OldTown White Coffee ;))

wahh~~~ its a very hectic day .... =)

but i feel that i will get used to be in OTWC company...

well...first thing first, i started my work at 7am...but i arrived there early to show that i really have a very deep interest to learn and work for them... ;)
the day before i started my stuffs, i had been explain by the supervisor at the OTWC that every breakfast is a bloody busy time... yaaa...i just say yes! and im ready to work as long as they need.

i met a bunch of new friends that i can called, new clique.
Zaw Oo...as the bar man... i like him,, cause he love to have a nice talk with me,,fyi..he's Myanmar.. ;)
Sui Aung as the senior supervisor...also Myanmar, and he is really good in Malay conversation..he speaks well... ;)
Kak Syafiqa, as the supervisor...Malaysian of course..haha..and she is rocks!!!
Ro Cung....my senior waitress and cashier...he seldom speaks malay and he can understand me by using English words...duhhh~~~....hahaha

all of them are pretty nice to me...since im the new one,,they always tease me like im the one who controls the place...know why??? because i keep my things busy and i want to learn more in handling people...yaaa....my attitude is love to know new stuffs...haha

then, i could see that all the customers at OTWC mostly chinese....less Malays and less Indians...
they eat, talk and sit like corporate style...
every single things they talk about is all connected to business... ;))
once i saw a chinese man,, age of maybe 30th.. want to pay the bills and he took out a lot of money from his front pocket of shirt....wuuuuuuuuu  (*_*)

next, there was one 'mak cik' as i concerned about cause she sitting there from the breakfast time until the tea time....and changaning her sit about three times with a different clique...
 that's why i told you that they work, talk, eat and sit there doing all the business that they hold in their life...
wooww..~~~ that is a very new things for me...
working and saw all the rich people gathered and never care less about their life and commitment.. ;)

customers attitude.....
fuhhhhh~~~~~ really distracting....hah!
me and Ro had a problem when there were three tables, which try to avoid to pay the bills and they run away!!!!
actually, in between that particular time, im still don't know on how to use the cashier machine. haha
when they ask to pay the bill... im just looking at them and tell Sui that  they want the bills,, but Sui just ignored me...soo................................creep creepp....i continue my work then...hahahaha

i noticed that, if the money is short... we, the workers are not going to pay the money but the one that wears the red shirt which are kak syafiqa and Sui, they are the one that must pay the short money....wuhuuuuu.....awkward...  =_=''

well then,,, i had so much fun and knowledge today....
and im waiting to see the next hectic days...

wish me luck and i want to be one of the company naturally with my commitment and hard work...
not to be pleased by money only... ;D

"im glad that i got this jod cause i love this job"...bhahaha

the end



22 February 2012

french class is always the best among the bestest!!!


Tonight i want me myself learn french language appropiately.

Comment allez vous?
Bien,merci. Et vous?
Bien. Est-que tu aime le chocolat?
J'aime le chocolate.

For negative answer ;
Je ne aime pas le chocolat.

Its a good language to be learn by me. I love a new knowledge but, i admit that im a little bit slow on catching up all of them.
All my words and spellings were a disaster!!! Me actually cannot speak french at all!!!
I have no courage to do all that stuffs!!
Oh shuttt~~~

Im really respect one of my bestfriend, ana. She loves to practice those funky weirdo sounds created by french people. .Euuwwww~~
hahaaha. . But,im quite impressed by her talent. Shes not just a good speaker,but an excellent one¡!!
Because she is really a determind person, who are not scared to be a new knowledgeable person. . I respected her as my collegues.
Love you ana<3

So then. We will learn more about french. .

Au revoir!!