22 February 2012

french class is always the best among the bestest!!!


Tonight i want me myself learn french language appropiately.

Comment allez vous?
Bien,merci. Et vous?
Bien. Est-que tu aime le chocolat?
J'aime le chocolate.

For negative answer ;
Je ne aime pas le chocolat.

Its a good language to be learn by me. I love a new knowledge but, i admit that im a little bit slow on catching up all of them.
All my words and spellings were a disaster!!! Me actually cannot speak french at all!!!
I have no courage to do all that stuffs!!
Oh shuttt~~~

Im really respect one of my bestfriend, ana. She loves to practice those funky weirdo sounds created by french people. .Euuwwww~~
hahaaha. . But,im quite impressed by her talent. Shes not just a good speaker,but an excellent one¡!!
Because she is really a determind person, who are not scared to be a new knowledgeable person. . I respected her as my collegues.
Love you ana<3

So then. We will learn more about french. .

Au revoir!!

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