24 May 2012

1st hectic day at the OldTown White Coffee ;))

wahh~~~ its a very hectic day .... =)

but i feel that i will get used to be in OTWC company...

well...first thing first, i started my work at 7am...but i arrived there early to show that i really have a very deep interest to learn and work for them... ;)
the day before i started my stuffs, i had been explain by the supervisor at the OTWC that every breakfast is a bloody busy time... yaaa...i just say yes! and im ready to work as long as they need.

i met a bunch of new friends that i can called, new clique.
Zaw Oo...as the bar man... i like him,, cause he love to have a nice talk with me,,fyi..he's Myanmar.. ;)
Sui Aung as the senior supervisor...also Myanmar, and he is really good in Malay conversation..he speaks well... ;)
Kak Syafiqa, as the supervisor...Malaysian of course..haha..and she is rocks!!!
Ro Cung....my senior waitress and cashier...he seldom speaks malay and he can understand me by using English words...duhhh~~~....hahaha

all of them are pretty nice to me...since im the new one,,they always tease me like im the one who controls the place...know why??? because i keep my things busy and i want to learn more in handling people...yaaa....my attitude is love to know new stuffs...haha

then, i could see that all the customers at OTWC mostly chinese....less Malays and less Indians...
they eat, talk and sit like corporate style...
every single things they talk about is all connected to business... ;))
once i saw a chinese man,, age of maybe 30th.. want to pay the bills and he took out a lot of money from his front pocket of shirt....wuuuuuuuuu  (*_*)

next, there was one 'mak cik' as i concerned about cause she sitting there from the breakfast time until the tea time....and changaning her sit about three times with a different clique...
 that's why i told you that they work, talk, eat and sit there doing all the business that they hold in their life...
wooww..~~~ that is a very new things for me...
working and saw all the rich people gathered and never care less about their life and commitment.. ;)

customers attitude.....
fuhhhhh~~~~~ really distracting....hah!
me and Ro had a problem when there were three tables, which try to avoid to pay the bills and they run away!!!!
actually, in between that particular time, im still don't know on how to use the cashier machine. haha
when they ask to pay the bill... im just looking at them and tell Sui that  they want the bills,, but Sui just ignored me...soo................................creep creepp....i continue my work then...hahahaha

i noticed that, if the money is short... we, the workers are not going to pay the money but the one that wears the red shirt which are kak syafiqa and Sui, they are the one that must pay the short money....wuhuuuuu.....awkward...  =_=''

well then,,, i had so much fun and knowledge today....
and im waiting to see the next hectic days...

wish me luck and i want to be one of the company naturally with my commitment and hard work...
not to be pleased by money only... ;D

"im glad that i got this jod cause i love this job"...bhahaha

the end



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