27 June 2012

crystal clear ;D

that's what i need in making the best friendship in the world

well...we always having the best moment.....many times...until we could not imagine how good we are before...
we always making all of us laughing when one of us creating a joke,,,although we knew that it was a stupid one, we still laugh at it
because, we know that we need each other through more or less..

one thing for sure...i miss those moments..

when it comes to the awkward things,, we all keep silent and looking each other and laugh again ;D
hahahahha...that's what we are before

now....on 26/06/2012

we all separated
it's all turned up side down..
its seems like we never know each other in the pass

the different things now is,,, we are silently being fake and trying to move on like we normally does before....long time ago
we try to give a fake shake
we act like a fake clowns
and we try to create a fake smile in front of each other

why it should be like that???

it is because we know something and we hide it
or it is because we heard something bad about someone inside our small group @ a box and keep saying that, "it was nothing actually"...
or it is because we felt jealousy to someone in the box and pretend that, "its ok, no offense"

we did something right and we also did something wrong...
we share everything before...
we might being the best besties in the world by saying that, "we can live together as ONE!"

but...its a fucking embarrassing bullshit statement..
we should not saying that unless, we all must noticed about the meaning of the friendship among us

should you and i noticed that from the beginning or not???

the first thing you should do is 'talk'
whatever it is
whenever it held
we must talk...

you tell the truth
i will tell the truth
you hide it....me also hide it from you..

the truth is everything...
the truth will convert to the solution that we all need..

tonight,,, i let my ego down and planning to have that important conversation with all of us,,
but,,,what happend???
try to runaway and making things longer....heavier....more complicated and better stupid bloody motherfucker problems when we meet those eyes and faces

yaaa...i know..all of you guys reading this..
but please...we need a solution..not a problem anymore..

face it....talk about it...let all be as clear as crystal..
that's what a friend in need does and in deed do...

i love all of us...whether we all ms-communicate or fights for nothing
we are not at war...
cause we are "friends" forever...

for you....and you and you again,, so do you...
do not let those secrets inside..
do not let others talked about how stupid we are
and do not let us teared apart by not telling the truth and stuffs

ask first,,,,interpret the problems...let each other talk and find THE solution to feel the same best moments and times as before...
that's what we need

just to be clear...every single thing you and you and you did its really freaking annoying and better yet, its disgust me every time i think about it

cause its all fake and fake and you, you,you,you and you are truly best fakers in the entire universe

what i need is a clear explanation, words, contents, confessions and feelings to make this relationship lasting

last but not least.....
im not be able to seeing you guys within these days,, cause have a lot to do...
and i always love "you", the ONE that i need to talk with about everything that you hide from me and our friend...
YOU,,, please,,,let us know what you hide and what you keep away from us...

be kind not cruel

noticed this friend,,, i rather keeping you forever than losing you in a blink of and eye ;D


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