27 January 2013

this post goes to my cartoon whom i ditto the most !

assalamualaikum WBT

hye baby
here i am
writing this post for you
just because i have something to say and some more to learn about us

first thing first, i am sorry if im not perfect for you, but i must to stand for that we could be the perfect two
the perfect two means?
im the missing jigsaw and you are the whole boxes of puzzles
you came to me just in the right time
if i hold still and not doing anything
you may be gone like a wind
but my heart says 'stop her,let her in'
then, i also give you a big waiting hug and catch your hand before you went away

now, here we are
together like a swan lake

im doing this, doing that, doing all the madness that you could stand for many3 times
but,, the best part is, when i get mad, you also mad as me
that time, i knew that you are not the same as them before
you have a Principe that no one can change
you have the ability to be a leader
yaaa..i know, when you read this part
you will actually cross something in your head
'how could i manage ou if you are stubborn like fucking bullshit lesbian????'

let me make sure something
i rather be conquer by you
cause i know that how much you care and being professional in ever single situations that i ask for
you are not a 'pengongkong tegar'
i know you can control me in any circumstances that made you felt curious about
you are not that hard person
but you need a detail explainations in everything i dos and plans
i know
i need to explain and you need to hear what im saying and love to do
so do i
i will hear you too
you are my Savior
never had a pengkid, like a knight for me, an amour...

you, you are
for me
insyaAllah, till the times that we can't never decide when
need to stand for what we had
and never give-up and saying cursing words
esspecially 'bre^&%^*&%$@^-up'

battery flat

got to go


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