25 January 2013

When the sucks life ends, and begins with the new life ahead

assalamualaikum WBT

since forever i didn't write anything in my own precious blog
by the time passed, i would like to thank to Allah because giving me such a wonderful time in life
college, love life, family and myself
all in one being such a great days ahead that should be thankful of

so much things happened when im leaving my blog
i just get over with my previous love and bulid a new one which is i never intend to do before
she's my backbone and she's also my supporter for my lost souls and strengths

this time
i absolutely demanded to have a better life in any circumstances
although we at first struggling to find our platform to be stable and comfort
by the time passed, we manage to be together and still remains as two

somehow, we may not be able to face it, but
through all the discussions, tolerating in any problems we had and also understanding in which we put all the trust in one place,
insyaAllah,,, we will be succeed and excellent in our own path and also plans to do

later on, i'll be in touch with my wall again soon


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bedal jew apew2 labu,,labi pun nak usha gak nieyh...hoho