01 July 2013

Holiday in Kuching Sarawak 2nd.June - 12th.June 2013 [PART 1]

assalamualaikum wbt

it"s been a long time that i didnt write anything in my blog. yes, yes i am. i am lazy ad quite busy these days.
haha... some of my memories just remains in my head but some of it i will keep it save in this blog.

ok now, lets talk about my first experience on flight.
im fucking scared and phobia about floating. yeah. floating on water just the same as sleeping on bed, but on air??? that is so far away from my imagination

i never been on flight, honestly
but in the mean time, my hubby really wanted me to follow her back to kuching Sarawak.
if i had a choice, to choose any transportation to go there, i will go by a ship! haha! insane!!!

yeah, adrenaline rush. thats the words that could describe how scared and panic i am that day
and at last, i made it!!! to Borneo!!! weeee~~!!!!

thats me. haha. the first experience ever! the best birthday gift ever from my dear husband, Oja.
thank you sayang for such an amazing opportunity and gift! muaahhh!!!!

ok lets get back to the story.
my tears dropped when i first saw all the scenery and the majestic of Allah creation. speechless

i arrived at Sarawak safely after 1hour and 45minutes journey.

the excitements continues


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