28 March 2015



Its been a while im away from my lovely blog

Start to packs up things and stuffs

What stuffs im saying now?

My new life and my new career, not really a new career but a new motivation to work

Maybe all of you didn't know what happen to my new year 2015

"I've tried to kill the pain, but only brought more, so much more"

The sentence stands by itself,

I'm returning to my normal life, my normal orientation, my normal sensual feeling and my normal love to an opposite gender

It has been 10years i've been living with a women or girl or ladies or butch,

and i never realize that until my sister, Kak Nora asked me like seriously in uncomfortable talk while driving to her house last week,

"Yun, how long have you been like this?", "Let me see..... I broke up with my first boy was in 2008, and that time i was 18yrsold, now im 27yrsold....."


That exact moment, i counted everything and .......... im speechless

i has been like 7 years im being with the same fucking gender as me!?
by that time IF im being with a boy, i must been marrying that boy which will be turn to a guy/ a husband and a father perhaps!!! ;(

Sadly, Allah wrote the different path for me which is more prettier and beautiful enough and im thankful and grateful for these moment lah 

Alright, igot to go,
Some works to be done!
See ya soon



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bedal jew apew2 labu,,labi pun nak usha gak nieyh...hoho