05 November 2015

Kazim Raza Naqib :) Raza for short

for starts,
it seems soo awkward to tell about this guy
he is a Pakistani & Malay
so..half-half lah..
but never admit that he is Malay..lol..

finance is what he do for a living
i hate numbers!

the meanest freakiest worst thing happened yesterday was...
im not liking him at all !
he is trying to seduce me and stuffs but...
my heart is not there..
not with him..
not at all

so to say,
my heart now just really goes to someone
that not, never ever even care about,
what I ate for my lunch,
whom im talking to while im in the train,,
although he knows I barely use my car to work,
he never asks,
but my heart is jump right on to him,
until now~~ I just met him several times,
but he never replies me back

sorry Mr Raza,
I know u seems so nice to me,
although u r totally busy with your schedule and stuffs
not even have time for yourself

im not ready to be owned by anyone except my family and my best friends

Not for you now Raza,
have too much for you KH

"im my dreams you are mine, in my life you are a dream"


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